Professional Assistance Makes It Easier To Recover Outstanding Debts And Financial Claims

Businesses and organisations that are having trouble collecting on outstanding debts can quickly find themselves in a very difficult financial position. Lacking the training, experience and other resources that may be required to recover outstanding financial claims is often very limiting. Electing to do business with a professional service provider may prove to be the best solution.

Failing to balance accounts and allowing clients and customers to avoid payment for products and services can quickly become a very expensive misstep. Organisations that may already be struggling to maintain profitability often find that outstanding debts become a major issue. Professional recovery services that offer an easier and more effective way to complete the recovery process would be worth looking into.

Large purchases that go unpaid for and extensive services that are not able to be effectively billed are never concerns that should be taken lightly. Even smaller transactions can create issues when not completed in a timely and efficient fashion. Ensuring that all financial accounts and outstanding debts are able to be rectified with minimal delay can be an issue of paramount importance for many businesses.

Even assessing past and current accounts in order to identify instances where payment has been delayed or overlooked can be a challenge for those that lack suitable resources. Professional service providers make it far easier to assess all accounts and to determine which situations may require further action. Working alongside a qualified professional can provide businesses with a wide range of important benefits.

With numerous service options, firms and professionals that may be able to provide assistance, finding and selecting the best option may not always be a straightforward proposition. Knowing very little about the resources that can be found may find the best solutions going overlooked. Businesses seeking assistance in collecting overdue debts would be wise to explore their options before selecting a service provider.

Not every firm may be able to provide the full range of services that a company or business may require. Dealing with lesser services or electing to utilize a provider that may not be up to the task can result in many missed opportunities. Results that are consistent and timely may be difficult to ensure when dealing with a firm that lacks the experience or resources needed to get the job done.

Online information can be very helpful for those who are seeking to learn a little bit more about their options. Spending just a few spare minutes performing basic research may make it possible for businesses to make better decisions regarding their options. Knowing enough to make informed choices may help businesses to avoid many of the most common and costly missteps.

Failing to make past debt collection a top priority may end up placing greater strain on their finances than many businesses might realize. Seeking out a firm, service or provider that will be better suited to their needs ensures that business owners can more easily resolve the situation. When it comes to managing accounts or recovering past debts, it pays to seek service from only the best.

The 5 Steps to Engage People in KPIs

When we want people to understand and adopt a new idea, often we rush in, guns blazing, and overwhelm them with too much “how to”, too soon. We might be excited about the new idea, but they will be wary. Another band wagon, another fad, another distraction from their “real work”. So we need a gentler approach that starts from where they are, not where we are.

When I introduce people to my performance measurement methodology for the first time, I don’t teach them the eight steps of the methodology. I don’t even talk about my performance measurement methodology. The approach I’ve found that works a treat, is less about educating them, and more about helping them see a new choice about measuring performance.

There are 5 steps to how I do this:

STEP 1: Set the context of performance measurement.
I don’t just randomly go up to people and try to engage them in performance measurement. The people I’m taking through these 5 steps are people who have come to me with a bigger question like one of these:

We need measures, how do we create them?
We have goals, how do we achieve them?
Everyone complains about our performance, how do we improve it?

The conversation starts by sharing my context for performance measurement, because there are different contexts. Mine is that measuring performance is about focusing on what matters most, getting objective feedback about what matters most, and finding leverage to improve what matters most. I call this the Focus, Feedback, Fulcrum context.

Setting the context helps build a shared and worthy vision to strive for.

STEP 2: Understand their struggles with measurement.
Someone wise once said to me we should ‘seek first to understand, then to be understood’. Before I share any of my knowledge about performance measurement, I like to ask people about their experience with it.

I ask them the question: what are your biggest struggles with performance measurement? And we capture their answers in a mind map. What I’m doing here, is organising their struggles into related groupings in the mind map. This helps them see their struggles more clearly, and they start seeing a pattern in the struggles too.

Understanding their struggles helps them see the usefulness of what you want to share with them.

STEP 3: Give some clarity to their struggles.
Over the last 20 years or more, my research keeps showing that our struggles with performance measurement are the same, the world over. And when there is a common set of problems, usually it means there is a common set of causes.

These causes are called the bad KPI habits, and for each group of struggles from Step 2, I share the main bad habit that causes it. For example, the main cause of the struggle of having immeasurable goals is the bad habit of using weasel words. These bad habits are a revelation to most people, and they profoundly agree with them.

Clarifying the causes of their struggles gives them some hope that things can change for the better.

STEP 4: Segue to a solution to those struggles.
The solution to the struggles with measuring performance should fix the causes. Right now, they will likely be wondering what they should do instead of those bad habits. And this is the point when you can talk about your solution.

My performance measurement methodology is the solution I offer for solving performance measurement struggles and reaching the vision of Focus, Feedback, Fulcrum. That’s because I know it fixes those bad KPI habits. It was designed to fix them, after all. So now I share with them the eight steps of PuMP the methodology, each one suggesting what we do instead of the corresponding bad KPI habit.

The struggles and causes provide a framework to attach your suggested change to, so it has immediate meaning and relevance.

STEP 5: Invite them to try it out.
We don’t ask for a full commitment to implement a new idea, like my performance measurement methodology. We invite them to test it out on a small scale first. I call this the Pilot, and usually it means choosing a single goal and using the methodology to measure it and improve it. And most of the time, they accept the invitation!

Inviting people to try something out – and make the decision about what to try it out on – gives them ownership. And ownership leads to engagement.

You can see these 5 steps in action, in a video on my website. Even if you’ve watched this video before, watch it again to see how these steps work, so you can improve the way you engage people in your new ideas, whether it’s about performance measurement or anything else.

Using a Property Management Company Can Save You Time

When you own multiple properties, it can be challenging to keep up with the myriad of jobs that need to be done. Whether it is repairing the plumbing, cutting the grass, or replacing a comfort system, the list of jobs that need to be done can be quite long. In fact, sometimes, it can seem as though you don’t own the properties but that they own you.

Sure, you can write into the contract that the renters are responsible for basic maintenance such as cutting the lawn or maintaining the sidewalks, but at the end of the day, you are still left with the responsibilities like plumbing, electrical, cable, tree removal and other entities that comprise ownership. And, unless you have determined a way to juggle all these balls successfully and unfailingly, there are going to be times when projects fail to get done.

However, there are options for making building management and property maintenance. You can appoint people on the site to help with the various projects, sell the properties and let someone else deal with them, or you can hire a company to help you keep all the balls in the air. For many, the preferred option is to call in reinforcements.

These property maintenance teams can help with everything from actually doing the various jobs to making the calls for the repair people to come do the work. This way, the work gets done and you suddenly have more time in your day for relaxing. The property maintenance company will handle as much or as little of the busy work, so you don’t have to.

But what should you look for when choosing a property maintenance company? After all, you don’t want to choose just anyone to help you with your investments. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

· Find out how long the company has been doing property management and what their standing is with the BBB.

· Ask for a list of their current clients. Follow up by calling these clients and see what they have to say.

· Once you have selected a company, be very specific about what you need them to do.

· As with anything, be sure to read the entire contract and question anything that does not match what was agreed on in the discussion process.

· Let renters know about the change in procedure/ who to contact first when there is a problem.

Choosing a property maintenance company means that you have more time – not less! The company will be there to handle the myriad of calls or concerns that arise, and can report them to you so you can make a decision. Don’t stay stressed out about keeping the balls in motion – let someone else take over so you can have more time for pleasure.